Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Friends and Dancing

Yesterday we took a break from our cleaning and went and had lunch with some friends. We had the best time. They have a little boy who is about 16 mos. old and loves horses. So we loaded up Lightnin (Shelby's pony) and took him over so little Roman could ride. He loved it! I thought he might would of been scared but he wasn't in the least little bit. He would ride for a little while and then his daddy would take him off and he would throw a fit. He kept saying "horsie, go." It was precious and we enjoyed our little time off from cleaning around our place.

We had costume check Thursday at dance and I wanted to show you one of the costumes. It is so cute.
This is her jazz costume. You can't see it very well but just know it is so cute. And she knows she looks good. All of the other costumes are just as cute but this is our favorite. Then Friday we had recital pictures and we were there for 3 1/2 hours. Oh my goodness it was such a long day. The girls were tired and irritable and so were their mothers. We are glad it's over and are looking forward to the recital June 13th. It's her first recital ever. She just started taking dance this year and she LOVES it. Dance has been her favorite extra curricular activity of all time. For years I tried to talk her in to taking but she wasn't hearing of it. Then this year we went to "The Nutcracker" performance and she fell in love. Finally!

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  1. hi mommy it is me at auntie's house by the way that picture of me in the jazz coustume is ugly but i know your going to say''no it is not''i love you soooooooooooooooooo much!6/16/09.