Thursday, May 14, 2009

Charmin Boy

My sister sent an email of my adorable nephew with this message and pictures attached...

Dear Family and Friends,

It has come to my attention that if you have spent more than a penny on my child in his life time than Im afraid you have wasted your money. Sorry!!! As Ive told you before, he simply loves our recycle binlike a gold treasure to him. As you will see in the pictures, there is truly nothing in our house that is considered trash.and I mean nothing!!!!! So for future gift ideas for Tanner think outside the toy aisle at Wal-Mart!! Before you throw out that piece of garbage, remember him!!!

Seriously, as I was knee deep in cleaning for Heaths arrival, I looked up and noticed Charmin Boy! Is this normal??? HA!!! Last year his stocking was stuffed w/tapethis is why! I secretly have to clean out his room, this is why! He is his fathers son, this is why!

Very creative little guy!!!!

He has taped an antenna to his goggles.
If you look very close you will see that he has made a costume out of the TOILER PAPER PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!! Charmin at its best!

Is he not just the most precious thing you've ever seen. I think he's awesome and totally cool.
He is super smart and I'll tell you why. He got in trouble at school and had to write sentences but he was smart enough to hide it from his momma. He got up early yesterday morning and tried to get them written before his momma got up and saw him. Well, he ended up getting caught and so his momma went and had a or another talk with his teacher and they decided it was time for him to go see the PRINCIPAL! Uh-oh! He got 2 licks at school from the principal. He didn't cry and said they didn't even hurt. His daddy said if he was bleeding he wouldn't of cried. Just the kind of guy he is. Tough, I guess. His momma prefers to describe it as severely strong willed. So let's all stop and say a prayer for her. BUT she is thrilled to say that his daddy is home as of last night. Welcome home Heath!

We had another storm blow through our tiny town at 4 this morning. Strong winds, hard rain, thunder and lots of lightning. Thankfully, Bob The Builder came yesterday and fixed our roof so we had a dry ceiling during all the rain. Thank you Lord! We are SO ready for everything to start drying out so we can finish up some much needed outdoor projects. It's supposed to rain all weekend so it's gonna be a while before that time comes. But we are thankful we are all safe and our house is in tact.

Be a mom who encourages.

Today, let's talk about being a mom who encourages her children. In 1 Thessalonians 5:11, we find the simple but life-changing directive, "So encourage each other and give each other strength" (NCV). When we encourage our children, we deposit strength in them. We need to be careful to keep their emotional deposits in balance. Many kids are in emotional bankruptcy because constant withdrawals of criticism are made with few deposits of encouragement. Our job is to study our kids and discover their strengths and weaknesses. We need to understand that many times, their greatest weakness may very well become their greatest strengths.

As a child, I was very stubborn. I know. It is almost impossible to imagine - almost. That stubbornness often got me into trouble, but it also made me the survivor of some very hard times. We need to look for the good things in our children and draw them into the spotlight. In other words, become their "encourager" and their "cheerleader." Everyone needs a cheerleader.

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